Live, monthly music appreciation lessons

 Do you want to teach your children how to appreciate music, but don't feel equipped yourself? Would you like your children to learn about beautiful music from an expert?

We have the solution for you - live music appreciation lessons in the comfort of your own home - with an enthusiastic teacher and engaging, fun pieces of music.

 SQUILT Music is excited to announce our Live Membership option - coming this Fall! Click below to be put on our priority notification list!

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What will a SQUILT Live Membership include?

2 Live Music Appreciation webinars each month (and access to all recorded webinars). Many of these will include listening maps. All lessons taught by Mary.

A monthly listening calendar with a beautiful piece of music to share with your children daily - availble in a simple PDF format.

Members only discounts on every product in the SQUILT Music Appreciation Store

A complimentary SQUILT volume available to members only: SQUILT Goes to the Movies

Who is a SQUILT Membership for?

Anyone who wants to learn about beautiful music

Children from preschool - middle school

Perfect for multiple ages

What our testers are saying:

"My daughter (11 years) loved the live SQUILT webinars! Mary's vivacious spirit and love of the subject kept her attentive to the lesson. The music maps made following the music and learning easy and interesting. My daughter also enjoyed interacting with Mary and other learners by typing responses in the chat box." ~ Cheri H.

"We have done three live lessons with Mary. They were all fabulous. I can't say enough about the choice of works, composers, printable material and of course the instructor Mary. Mary is a great teacher! She is super easy for children and adults to follow along. These lessons have been equally educational for my seven year old daughter as they have been for me. It has been a delight being introduced to some great pieces of music, learn about composers, and learn about the instruments in a piece of music." ~ Jennifer N.

What is the anticipated cost? 

We know homeschool families are on a limited budget.  

We anticipate offering this resource for less than $15/month.  

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